Thursday, November 25, 2010

buko halo

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I really took a picture of my favorite buko halo from Bacolod Inasal Style. I love this cuz it's not just a fancy halo-halo but it has fresh fruits inside..nutritious and yummy isn't?! What impresses me much cuz it has a piece of art...I'm craving for this everytime we passed by Bacolod Inasal...I just loved it!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my first long distance driving...

It was my hubby and I decided to go to BSU-ANCHS to follow up my Masteral Credentials..well my hubby urged me to drive from home to Alubijid..(well it's kinda far..) but I had to do it for me to practice mysel driving long we went there as a family, with my two little angels and their yaya and of course my hubby.

Well I'm not really that particular about how far a drive from our house to Alubijid but I guess it was just a 30minutes drive(that if your fast in driving) but for me still I consider myself a beginner it took me about an hour (i think!).

So.. I did the driving...and it was my first time using the FIFTH GEAR...I drove as fast as 60km/hr not bad for a beginner like me...I'm having fun and I'm greatly inspired too because my kids are with me and my hubby...

Still looking forward for another long distance driving... i think from Cagayan de Oro to Nasipit, Agusan del Norte...

miss blogging

it's been quite a while since I haven't blogged...i'm quite busy from school..busy from the exams, computing grades and preparing my lessons..hhhaayy!!! i miss blogging really...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charis 2nd Birthday @ Jollibee

Every child dreamed to have a Jollibee Kids Party right?! and every mother wanted to make this dream come true isn't it? Well, when my girl celebrated her second birthday at Jollibee last August 05, 2010, I wasn't able to spend that much because I won a Jollibee Kids Party raffle promo from EQ Diaper distributed by JS Unitrade Merchandise; what I did is I just kept all the EQ packs and mailed it to one of  Jollibee foodchain  during the raffle promo indicated. I never expected to won but when somebody called me from JS Unitrade Merchandise and told me that I won Jollibee Kids Party from one of my entries I didn't know what to say but my heart pounded for joy, at least I could give a wonderful birthday party for my little girl; a birthday party that is worth remembering, less hassles and of course FREE.

On that day, every child and adult had fun with all the games, loot bags, balloons, food and of course the dance number of Jollibee Mascot. Well, it was not just a kiddie party but also an adult party.

My little girl, Charis, enjoyed much. When Jollibee Mascot appeared and performed a danced number she was quite afraid but thank God she manage not to cry nor shout. Jollibee had a great impact to every kid's heart that even until now when Charis heard that song Jollibee Mascot had performed or even see posters of Jollibee along the road she could remember her happy moments with Jollibee.

Thanks to EQ Diaper from JS Unitrade Merchandise who make the birthday of my little girl worthwhile. A million thanks to Jollibee  who initiated this Jollibee Kids Party. and good job to the crews of Jollibee Limketkai for your assistance during Charis birthday. Thanks a lot guys!

So Moms out there..better not throw your EQ packs and join the raffle promo..who knows you might won one of the Jollibee Kids Party.. I, too still kept those packs wishing for another raffle draw to be won for my little boy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Little Angels

My Little Angels is really God's gift to me. Can't believe myself that I have already two cuddly little angels around me. Their age gap is only one year; hard to manage, yet  I enjoyed much. When I'm home from school their smiles, hugs and kisses relieves my stresses from work. They are a joy from heaven.

my 1st mellow yellow


This was taken during our Tree Planting Activity

My Sunday Escapade

We drink starbucks coffee